Tuesday 7 April 2015

Tourist visa to Cambodia made extremely easy via newly introduced e-visa facility!

In order to get e-visa to any country, one has to have a wholesome knowledge about the requirements. The e-visa is processed fast only when all the documents are properly in place as well as when all the mandatory requirements have been fulfilled.

In order to get a visa to Cambodia, one can always check out the official website of the Ministry of External Affairs and International Relations of the government of Cambodia. They are however also available on many private agencies’ websites. The processing fee for a Cambodia visa is $44.99,
wherever you can apply through!

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visas for Cambodia
The land of Cambodia is a unique mix of ancient temples and pagodas, all inspired by the age old Hinduism and Buddhism. The popularity of the country was on a constant rise with the tourists back from the country speaking of its great hospitality, tradition, history, culture and variety of food. As of late, the infrastructure has grown very well so that there are good inland roads and luxurious hotels, two must-haves for attracting the international tourists. Not only from Asia, even people from the US, the EU and faraway Latin America desires Cambodian visa too often than earlier!

In order to apply for visas for Cambodia, one must have a valid passport for at least six months from the date of arrival to the country. One also must possess a valid credit card to make the payments online. A passport sized photograph in jpeg or png format is also to be uploaded while applying. Among the other things desired for Cambodia visa application are the to and fro tickets. The e-visa facility is right now available for Cambodia tourist visa only at present. For business visa, K-visa or diplomatic visa, one has to queue up the nearest Cambodia embassy. For just tourists, visa Cambodia is now more than easy!

Thursday 2 April 2015

Visit the unique blend of Hinduism and Buddhism through Cambodia tourist e-visa!

One often thinks of Europe and the USA when it comes to hassle free and fast visa processing. One can hardly imagine some of the so called backward South East Asian countries to have achieved even better e-visa processing ways today!

It is really true if one goes for a Cambodia visa application form. This small country has made enough progress to offer online visa Cambodia facilities. The primary reason for such a leap was always the fact that Cambodia was a hot favourite for world travellers that has only increased over the recent years. The country is very rich in traditional and historical tourist spots. It has a large number of temples that are a unique mix of ancient Buddhist and Hindu traditions and cultures. The growing interest in these has made the recent demand for visa to Cambodia go up sharply!

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Cambodia Visa Infomations
While it has been a long favourite for people from Asia like Japan, China and India, the good exposure of Cambodia in the European Union and the USA has made a large number of tourists from these countries flocking in for a Cambodia visa every year. The decision of the authorities going online very recently has helped the cause hugely! One can go for a Cambodia visa application if s/he has a valid passport not expiring within six months from the date of arrival. At a stretch, one can get e-visa for up to 30 days. But this would strictly be a tourist visa. In case one wants to apply for K-visa, diplomatic visa or business visa, online facilities are yet to be made available for them. The processing time is fast for a Cambodia tourist visa, not exceeding 3 working days. The online e-visa for tourists has taken up the number of international tourist visa to Cambodia exponentially up since its introduction.

Monday 8 December 2014

Tourism has become easy with Cambodia E Visa facility

Getting Visa was never that easy for tourist planning to visit Kingdom of Cambodia unless and until the The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Cambodia decided to make it easy for the travelers  globally by introducing the most simplified and hassle free process of applying Visa and termed it as Cambodia E Visa. Being a Buddhist country it is also a favorite tourist destination for the travelers across the world.

What are the different types of Cambodia Visa?

Before going into detailing on Cambodia E Visa one should know the types of Cambodia Visa and their purpose of travel to Cambodia. Here is a snapshot of Cambodia Visa information:
•    Diplomatic Visa – For official diplomatic mission to Cambodia a diplomatic Visa is issued to the holders of diplomatic passports and their dependents.  A diplomatic Visa is identified by capital letter A.
•    Official Visa -   An official Visa is issued to the foreigners visiting Cambodia with a purpose to perform missions with governmental international organizations whose status is recognized by agreements with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.  The Official Visa is identified by capital letter B.
•    Courtesy Visa – A Courtesy Visa is identified by letter C and is issued to the visitors and their dependents in situations which the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and/or other ministries regard as acts of politeness or courtesy.
•    Special ‘K’ Visa – This Visa is issued to people born in Cambodia but carry a foreign passport. The eligibility criteria of Special ‘K’ Visa are at least one parent of the applicant should be a Cambodia National. Entry to Cambodian territory is allowed when the applicant is travelling with Cambodian parent along with their birth certificates. This Visa is indefinite and issued free of cost.

Tourism is a prime source of Income after textile industry in Cambodia and the Cambodia E Visa is issued to the tourist globally planning to visit Cambodia and explore it to the fullest.  It is sonly entry Visa and its Validity is of 3 months from the date of issue. With this a tourist can stay in Cambodia for 30 days. The basic requirements while applying Cambodia e Visa is a passport, valid for at least six months at the time of travel, a recent passport-size photograph (JPEG or PNG format) along with a valid Master/visa credit card. The E Visa application information is easy to grasp and understand as it is a 3 step process. Apply Pay and Download. The entire application process is done online with a support of 24*7 Customer care service, to answer all the queries of customers there and then. With this extraordinary facility a visit to Cambodia for Tourism purpose has become easier.

Friday 28 November 2014

Make sure to have a perfect guide before applying for your e-visa!

When it comes to travelling outside the country, the major thing that people fear for is the visa processing. It is not only that the process takes quite a bit of time, it also is due to the fact that there is no guarantee that through this process, the visa would definitely be made available. There are many instances where one has to shift her or his travelling dates purely due to visa delays. This can seriously affect an individual especially if her or his travel is related to business or medical treatments.

Such cancellations and alterations in travel dates can also affect one financially, as the late cancellations can draw in a substantial amount of penalty. Thus, it is important to study the exact requirements for applying for visas. There are hardly any guiding websites or counsellors who can give the correct bit of information that is full proof and will have a positive result at the very first attempt. Hence, one must first find the right website for information worldwide visa.

Visa Informations
Worldwide Visa Information
How to solve the juggernaut?

At ww.evisainfo.com, one can be sure that none of the hard work will go wrong. Here, the information given about e-visa processing is near perfect, and one can be sure of getting it done at the first attempt. The requirement varies from one country to another and the guide or counsellor must be aware of each of the nitty-gritty of application details for the separate countries. There should not be any lag or mistake in filling up the application forms or submission of documents.

What documents are sufficient?

Regarding the documents, one has to do the hardest of work and to keep a perfect vigil. Any wrong document submitted, or anything not submitted may cause a big blunder in the process. The e-visa forms must be perfect in their content and enclosures. Since the requirement for Asian countries like Pakistan and Sri Lanka varies largely from those in Australia, Latin America or Europe, one has to have the full knowledge about what are required depending on where s/he is planning to go. Different countries have duration of stay permissible also for different span of time. This should also be known to the traveller so that s/he can perfectly plan her or his travel.

Where is the best of help available?

All this can be known only if one gets the help from an able travel guide. One who has in depth knowledge about the e-visa processes of all the countries s/he is catering to can only help in getting the full knowledge. There is no place for half knowledge in this case. That is why people prefer www.evisainfo.com.

Besides helping through the e-visa process, another advantage of this website is that it helps in making the process faster than the others. Also, the charges that are taken here for processing is far less than the competitors. A better service at a lower cost is what people look for, and that is why they flock in for this website. Here, good help, low cost as well as fastest service is guaranteed for sure.

Tuesday 11 November 2014

Get a one stop solution to USA E visa

USA is famously known as the highest economic nation and is also globally famous as a modern tourist centre with iconic destinations like The Statue of Liberty, the Hollywood sign, Las Vegas neon, the Empire State, Golden Gate and the White House. Getting into US is no more a nightmare for the travelers/visitors who wish to enter US temporarily for a business opportunity or for a fun trip with friends and family, with the magical facility of E visa which is popularly termed as Electronic Visa.

usa visa
USA Evisa Information

Before stepping towards the Evisa information one should know the broader types of visas required to enter United States.  They are immigrant and non-immigrant visa. Visitors to United States with a mindset of temporary visit should attain a nonimmigrant Visa and if one decides to permanently relocate then they should attain an immigrant visa. It has been analyzed that maximum applicants apply for a nonimmigrant Visas as they are generally temporary visitors either they go for Business related opportunities (B1) or for tourism (B2).  The B1 Visa or Business Visa comprises of options like Consulting with business associates, attending scientific, educational, professional, or business convention or conference, settling an estate or negotiating a contract at the same way B2 Visa or Tourist and Visit Visa comprises of options like Vacations, Visit with friends and Family, Medical Treatment, participation by amateurs in musical, sports, or similar events or contests, if not being paid for participating, participation in social events hosted by fraternal, social, or service organizations or enrollment in a short recreational course of study, not for credit toward a degree. B1/B2 Visa is for Visitors who opt to travel to US for the purposes Business and tourism. A Different Category of Visa is required for the visitors who plans to enter United States with  a purpose of  Study, Employment, Paid performances or any professional performances before a paying audience, Arrival as a crewmember on a ship or aircraft, Work as foreign press, radio, film, journalists, and other information media and Permanent residence in the U.S. A Visa Waiver Programme or a VWP is a special program designed by the United States government which allows citizen of few listed foreign countries to travel to US for Business and Tourism purpose for a set period of 90 days.

So, forget the long queues  and waiting hours at US Embassy and apply your E Visa with three simple steps. Apply, Make Payment (through Credit Cards) and Download. During the application process one need to fill the DS-160 form and should upload a digital photo which is recommended to be a clicked from a professional Visa photo service to avoid any rejection further. Once your Evisa application is completed and you have the printout in your hand be ready for the interview at the US embassy. Clear the interview and welcome to US .

Friday 7 November 2014

Make your Journey to Cambodia with Ease

Kingdom of Cambodia is a famous tourist destination for foreign travelers across the globe. But it is considered to be a regular tourist destination for Japanese, Chinese, Filipinos, Americans, South Koreans and French people. Tourism is considered the second largest source of income for Cambodia after textile industry and seeing its importance The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of Cambodia has launched the exclusive E Visa for the Cambodia tourist.

 The E visa was introduced to minimize the Visa processing time at Cambodia Embassy and to avoid the long queue at various international check points of Cambodia. The application process of E Visa is simply magical and not at all complicated. It is a 5 step process. The Contact Information being the first step is a form where the applicant’s primary details are required. As like First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, Country, Phone Number, Primary Email and Secondary email. After the Contact information is being entered properly it will automatically guide you to the next step of filling up the Visa application form. Once both the forms are being filled the applicant should and must review the application data. A digital passport size photograph is even required during the process. Now it’s time to make payment. The payment should be done only through Credit Cards. Stepping towards the last step of E Visa application info which is downloading the complete filled up Visa application form and taking the print out of Visa receipts. The PDF E Visa is being mailed automatically to applicant’s email id within 24 hours once the payment is made.

Cambodia Visa Informations
The overall processing time is between 1 to 3 working days and the E visa is valid till 3 months from the date of issue. At the time of travel to Cambodia one should ensure to carry a valid six month old passport as it is mandatory to carry the same.  It is even mandate for all the foreign visitors travelling to Cambodia to obtain a visa unless they come from one of the visa exempt countries like Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand and Indonesia. Afghanistan, Algeria, Arab Saudi, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Sudan and Nigeria are not eligible for Cambodia E Visa. 

Apply for an E Visa at the earliest and explore Preah Vihear – The Khmer temple, Sihanoukville - the white sand beaches, Silver Pagoda - The national treasure house and many such top tourist attractions of Cambodia with ease.

Wednesday 22 October 2014

Getting a Global Visa online

Globe is slowly and gradually becoming one, day by day. Gone are the days when we humans were confined to specific territorial boundaries and geographical regions, but now it is no more the same. Today, we can even travel the other end of the world without much effort and witness the diversity that this globe is combinedly made of. The facility of Online Global Visas has made  it a matter of a couple of minutes. The only exertion it requires from you is to search a trustable website to apply for your online visa with.


Without a doubt, the internet is our best friend. Anything we need, we can get it over the web. Any information, shopping, general knowledge, social networking, name it and internet provides you with the same whenever you ask for it.  Not only this every day requirement, but the facility of internet has also made the visa process an easier one.  A few simple steps and your visa will be sent to you in a couple of days, yes it is that simple with this new type of facility.

There are few fraud companies successfully running over the web, which do promise applicants with a visa for large sums of money in the name of fees, but never return one’s the applicant pays for his/her visa application. Therefore, the traveler must always do a little investigation before applying for their worldwide visa through such websites.